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Doctor and patient at Total Fitness Physical Therapy

To: Russell Yamada
From: Beatrice Tomihama

Today I went to your P.T. for the first time and I am so satisfied with Katrina that I decided to write a note.

Previously I went to two P.T. offices and not satisfied, so I decided to switch. The two previous P.T. never were thorough as Katrina and they hardly did much to help.

I would recommend your therapist to anyone.

To: Russell Yamada, Liliha Office
From: Bruce Pineo

I came to Hawaii to recover from surgery I had on my hip. After contacting other P.T. clinics that would not accept my doctors Rx for therapy, and were unfamiliar with my insurance, Total Fitness Physical Therapy, LLC accepted both.

My P.T. did a re-evaluation and gave me choices as to which clinic I may go to. Their hours were flexible and it was no problem to show up a little late or early due to the bus ride. My P.T. developed exercises to fit my needs, and work with me to recover.

Overall, I am very happy with Total Fitness Physical Therapy, LLC and my P.T., Marie Macander.

To: Russell Yamada
From: Mary Ann Ferreira
Re: Kim Nielsen

Total Fitness Physical Therapy, LLC., staff member was very friendly, and makes me feel comfortable like at home amongst family. I remember one time I didn't have medical coverage, but the doctor still accepted to see my daughter. I've made a personal friend with my physical therapist, Kim Nielsen. It's very easy to get close to her.

“Caring staff, wonderful treatment options, good equipment, and very helpful. Thank you very much!” – P.S.

“In order to trip hapu fronds, I was forced to look up using my heavy lopping shears, causing excruciating pain to my neck. Thanks to Total Fitness Physical Therapy, under the guidance of Russell Yamada and his assistant, Joyce, the mobility of my neck and head was restored. To maintain and strengthen the neck and back, and to counteract some of the progressive development of my scoliosis, good follow-up exercises were prescribed.”
– Ms. K.








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